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  • Putin: Russia to delay the entry into the WTO can not, under present conditions can only be undone.
    Quote.rbc.ru 08.05.2012 17:26 Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that it was impossible to postpone the decision on the accession of Russia into the World Trade Organization. In the current situation can only cancel the membership, he said, commenting on the performance of State Duma deputies. He explained: “Russia to postpone for a year or two can not enter. This will mean that we will not enter into the WTO. There are rules of the organization, and we must join [...]
  • Long-term contracts may lead to a crisis in the defense industry
    According to him, in order to prevent such a development, Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the Russian government to prepare a proposal to withdraw from the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Defense federal agencies responsible for placing the state defense order and control its execution. «As for the cost of contracts, there is reason to believe that a significant portion of signed multi-year agreements contain a completely unrealistic financial terms on which the industry went just under the strong political [...]
  • Vladimir Putin signed a decree appointing the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev.
    Quote.rbc.ru 08.05.2012 17:40 Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree appointing Dmitry Medvedev, Russian Prime Minister, the press service of the Russian state. Earlier today, the State Duma at the extraordinary plenary session endorsed the candidacy of Dmitry Medvedev as chairman Russian government. During his appointment of Deputies voted 299 against – 144. Medvedev supported the candidacy of the faction “United Russia” and the Liberal Democratic Party, were against the Communist Party and “Fair Russia”.
  • The Court started bankruptcy proceedings against the Latvian Cberbanka
    RIGA, May 8 – RIA Novosti, Vadim Radionov. Riga Regional Court on Tuesday, May 8, decided to start bankruptcy proceedings against the insolvent Latvian Krajbanka (Sberbank), the press service of the court. This decision is not appealable. According to the procedure, the bank’s assets and property will be sold at auction. Riga Regional Court in December last year found insolvent Latvian Krajbanka (Cberbank). On the claim of insolvency Krajbanka to court addressed the Commission on Financial and Capital Markets (KPRFK), [...]
  • Net loss for Norway’s Telenor in the I quarter of 2012. amounted to EUR 51.5 million against profit a year earlier.
    Quote.rbc.ru 08.05.2012 17:54 net loss of the Norwegian telecommunications company Telenor ASA in the I quarter of 2012. amounted to 390 million Norwegian kroner (51.5 million) against earnings of $ 3.003 billion Norwegian kroner for the same period a year earlier. This was reported in the published report of the company. Revenue for the period increased by 4.3% to 25.12 billion kroner (3.32 billion euros) against 24.09 billion Norwegian kroner in January March 2011. Telenor’s operating profit in the I [...]
  • Ministry of Health is in its: In 2011 it employed 3,000 people
    Health Ministry denies allegations chairman of the trade union of medical workers Victor Sănătatea Ben, according to which the health system in Moldova is in a catastrophic state. «Ministry of Health reports that health care expenses over the past three years show an increase. For example, in 2011 these costs amounted to 7.4 percent, and in 2012 the first scheduled to increase to 7.5 percent “, – stated in a press release agency. In addition, the Ministry of Health added [...]
  • According to unofficial data, “Eurochem” acquired division of German manufacturer of potassium K + S Nitrogen.
    Quote.rbc.ru 08.05.2012 17:57 According to unofficial data, the JSC “Mineral and Chemical Company” EuroChem “has agreed to purchase units K + S Nitrogen, engaged in the supply of nitrogen fertilizer, the German agrochemical group K + S AG, Reuters reported, citing people familiar sources. According to unconfirmed reports, the transaction value is estimated at 140 million euros. in October 2011. major shareholder “EuroChem” Andrei Melnichenko told reporters that the company is interested in the transaction. In response to a K [...]
  • Tere plant in Tallinn, closes: stay out of work more than one hundred people
    dairy group Tere closes Tallinn company laid off hundreds of workers fall over, this information was confirmed in the Cashier of unemployment insurance. In the long term Tere plans to move all production to Paid, is now mothballed plant, reports, “Current camera». more Last week the company Tere worked 615 people. The first wave of cuts had already started on Monday, remained out of work managers and senior master of Viljandi and the shop Põlva company Tere. Total Concern over [...]
  • “Belaruskali” rose to two billion dollars
    President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has again started thinking about privatization, which is “prescribed” country western experts. Now, the Belarusian leader announced a new price of one of the largest companies in the country “Bloruskaliya” – the company is 31,5-31 billion dollars against 30 billion, which were discussed in the past year. - I repeat once again: we are ready to privatize even the “Belaruskali” – said Lukashenko at a traditional message of the Belarusian people and the parliament. – [...]
  • Interim results of the session on MICEX on the 10 most traded securities
    Quote.rbc.ru 08.05.2012 18:45 Issuer Last trade (Euro) Rel. cheating.% Max. Price (Euro) Min. Price (Euro) trading volume (VA) trading volume (units) Sberbank of Russia 89.30 0.90 90.40 87.63 9266633725 103 975 770 Gazprom 164.99 -0.45 167.08 164.07 4016788359 24,271,500 Rosneft 193.45 -2.73 201.45 192.68 1674092830 8547500 Lukoil 1697.50 -1.10 1734.00 1671.00 1592869094 936 731 VTB Bank 0.06 -1.38 0.06 0.06 878 363 401 15237570000 MMC Norilsk Nickel 4939.00 0.47 4990.00 4890.00 715 787 742 144 685 Sberbank of Russia, etc. [...]


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